In the early days a pair of sunglasses was only used to make style statements. Beach goers were commonly seen using sunglasses as well. It was also common among celebrities to use sunglasses which would enable them to hide their identity when they had to go out in public. Professional athletes and sports people who were involved in outdoor sports were also known to sport sunglasses when they practice or participate in their respective sports. However, as time went by, we were able to see even the common man using sunglasses as they have come to understand the advantages of using one. This change was also because of the awareness which was created by eye care specialists and health care specialists who started to emphasize on the importance of wearing sunglasses. These days it is no longer considered as just a style statement to wear sunglasses but also as a form of protection for the eyes of the user as well.

Choosing glasses reglazing may invariably mean the difference between how well it can protect you or harm your eyes. This is one of the primary reasons people these days choose to consult an optician and get a prescription for their sunglasses before they purchase one. More often than not this ensures that a person is only purchasing the right type of sunglasses. Not only does it enables protection for the user but also keeps them away from harm’s way too. This is considered very important because no one would want to take a risk when it comes to dealing with their eyes or eyesight.